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Berkeley County GIS

Geographic Information System

Berkeley County GIS Frequently Asked Questions:

Berkeley County GIS FAQ:

Web Mapping Services FAQ:

General Berkeley County GIS Frequently Asked Questions:

UPDATED! March 2023
When was the last Street Atlas update?
Our most current street atlas is the 2023 edition.

How often is the Atlas updated?
The atlas is updated annually, usually around March.

Do you have aerial photography and what are the pixel resolutions?
Yes, we have aerial color/infrared photography available from 2020, 2018, 2014, 2011, 2006, 2004, 1999, 1995, 1989, 1977, 1969, 1963, 1957, and 1938. The pixel resolution for the 2014 color photography is 0.5 feet. The pixel resolution for the 2011 color photography is 0.84 feet. The pixel resolution for the 2006 color photography is 1.64 feet. The 2004 color photography have a pixel resolution of 1 foot for rural and 6 inch for urban areas. We also have infrared photography that was flown by SCDNR in 2006 and 1999 with pixels of approximately 3 feet. Finally, we have black and white photography that was flown in 1995 with a pixel resolution of 2 feet. All sets of photography can be seen with our Internet Mapping Services.

Do you have Census data that we can use?
If you are interested in Census information please explore the CENSUS website.

Is it possible to obtain data or a map showing water lines, sewer lines or other utilities?
BCGIS does not distribute this information. Please contact the pertinent service provider in the area you are interested in for maps and data. Berkeley County Water and Sanitation has allowed us to display some of their GIS information on our GIS Internet Mapping Services.

What is the Berkeley County Atlas?
The Berkeley County street atlas is the most complete and accurate source for finding your way around Berkeley County. It is a full color 8 ½” x 11” spiral bound street atlas showing all the roads in Berkeley County with a complete index. Updated annually, our atlas contains 190 full-color map pages that show the location of schools, libraries, historic sites, boat landings, subdivisions and many other points of interest.

Does your office sell the County Atlas?
Yes, our office sells them for $20.00 each. Please give us a call or stop by our office if you would like one.

Do you have data for other counties other than Berkeley County?
Berkeley County GIS does not have other county data. You should contact the pertinent county that you wish to obtain information about.

Do you have any maps available for free/download?
Yes, we have some of our most requested maps available for download as a PDF document on our DOWNLOAD SAMPLES page.

Is it possible to obtain a map showing FEMA flood data?
BCGIS does not produce maps showing FEMA flood data. Flood map requests are handled through Berkeley County's Flood Plain Manager under Codes Enforcement.

Is the GIS Department located in the county administration building?
Yes, our current location on Highway 52. The GIS Department's contact information can be located on our HOME PAGE

Can we purchase your data?
Yes, you can purchase our data. Please see our GIS PRICES page and look for the DIGITAL DATA section for more details.

Is it possible to obtain a GIS map?
Yes, if we have the GIS data then we would be happy to assist you. The best thing to do is to contact Berkeley County's GIS Department. The GIS Department's contact information can be located on our HOME PAGE!

What sizes are your maps?
Most of our map sizes are located on the GIS PRICES page. We can also make custom sizes.

How much are maps and/or services?
Most of our mapping and service prices can be located on the GIS PRICES page.

What form of payments do you accept for your services?
We can accept cash, checks, credit, or debit cards.

How often do you update your data? (Internally not the website)
This varies depending on the GIS Data Layer itself. Certain GIS Data Layers are updated as needed some are not.

Berkeley County GIS FAQ:

Web Mapping Services FAQ:

GIS Web Mapping Application Frequently Asked Questions:

When I try to use the GIS Desktop Mapping on my phone or tablet it doesn't work?
The desktop version will not work on most mobile platforms, such as Android or Apple (iOS). If you would like to access our GIS mobile mapping services, please visit our MOBILE MAPPING web page.

Which internet browsers are supported?
Currently, we try to offer support on all major browsers such as Chrome, Firefox and Microsoft Edge. If you are using an unsupported web browser, please be aware that our ability to assist you will be severely limited.

When I view the 2006 or 1999 aerial photography the colors look incorrect?
The 2006 and 1999 photography is infrared based. The photography will appear as primarily a shade of red.

Why does nothing seem to happen or I get a bad print out when I click PRINT in my web browser? What's wrong?
If you are clicking the PRINT icon in your web browser you will not be able to print out a map properly. Please use the PRINT function built into the Lite or Advanced Desktop Web Mapping App toolbar to print out a map.

How often do you update the data on the website?
The GIS data is a live feed. You are viewing the exact same data that we are using in the GIS Department. Please keep in mind that certain data layers may not change for an extended period of time!

Why does the Web Mapping Application take so long to load?
Berkeley County's GIS Web Mapping Application is graphic intensive. Please be patient while the GIS Web Mapping Application loads.

Certain GIS layers appear, then when I zoom in or out they will disappear. What is going on?
There are a lot of GIS layers that can become visible or not visible depending on the scale of the map. An example of this process is the Parcel layer. It will only be available/visible to turn on only when you are zoomed in fairly close and as you zoom out it will turn off automatically. This has been purposefully set up to optimize bandwidth the viewing of the most popular GIS layers at a given scale.

Can you tell me about a specific soil code (what does it mean, is it good, etc.)?
Some soil code information is available on the GIS Mapping Service. Beyond the information provided the GIS Department cannot answer your questions about soil information. You should contact the Soil & Conservation District Office if you have further questions.

Are searches case sensitive?
No they are not. You can use lower case letters, upper case letters or a combination without any problems.

How do I get a better quality or larger map?
The best thing to do is to contact Berkeley Contact GIS Department. The GIS Department's contact information can be located on our HOME PAGE!

I found a problem or have a question concerning the property lines and/or data, does your Department handle that?
All parcel layer (property lines) changes must be verified and approved by our Real Property Services (Assessor) Office. Please contact them if you believe there are any discrepancies in the data.

I found a problem with the street lines, who do I contact?
If you find a problem with the street lines you will need to contact our Address Information Department to verify and correct the problem.

I found a problem with the zoning layer, who do I contact?
If you find a problem with the zoning layer you will need to contact the appropriate office depending on the location of the problem within Berkeley County. If it is a problem with Berkeley County's zoning layer (usually outside of city and town limits) then you will need to contact Berkeley County's Planning and Zoning Department. If the zoning problem is within city or town limits then you will need contact the appropriate municipality concerning the problem.